Below are my posts for my Technology Education Category in chronological order in order to educate in a step by step manner.If you read from the beginning till the end hopefully you will learn from the wisdom that I share with you.

FYI, this is done by:
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My “Technology Education” category will be a learning tool for my friends, who are not the most technology savvy people, even though they use E-mail and The Fatty Talks Logo Facebook, MySpace and know the innards of many web sites, they do not know what I know about Blogs, RSS Feeds, WordPress, Website Design, Domain Names, Hosting your own site, FTP sites, DIVX, etc.

This will be where I teach my friends and fellow and new blog readers how to do what I can do. I hope you enjoy and most importantly, LEARN.

Ever want to keep current on the newest information or news on topics you read about? The New York Times, Yahoo News, Magazines, Newspapers, Companies, Product Reviews all utilize feeds to make life EASIER for you.

  1. First there is a difference between a “Blog” and a “Feed”. The Blog is the web page that you read where posts are displayed, the RSS Feed allows the Blog and/or web site to be easily accessible in a variety of methods.
  2. By using the feed, you are able to update and read UPDATED and CURRENT information without having to check the web sites and blogs and without having to read the same information twice.

There is an obvious way to recognize a web site that has a feed in most Browsers… the universal logo is Universal Feed Logo . This can be found in several spots on different browsers and once clicked displays the feed. Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari all have it and incorporate ways to read the feed in the browser.

  1. Firefox
  2. Firefox RSS Toolbar 

  3. Internet Explorer
  4. Internet Explorer RSS Toolbar

  5. Safari (because Apple likes to be different RSS Symbol )
  6. Safari RSS Toolbar


Now after clicking on the Feed Icon, you now have several options. (I will take about the Browser options and continue in another post about “RSS Feed Readers” and which options you have). The basic term is that you “Subscribe” to the feed.

This is what you see:

  1. Firefox
  2. Firefox RSS Subscribe

    Options of where to save:

      RSS Subscribe Options

    In Firefox, Live Bookmarks ads current Feed Topics into a Bookmarks Folder.

     RSS Subscribe Firefox Bookmarks

  3. Internet Explorer (notice the “Subscribe …”)
  4. Internet Explorer  RSS Subscribe

    When Subscribed it will appear in your toolbar (near the “Favorites Star”), I personally used this option for several months.

      RSS Subscribe Feeds Internet Explorer

  5. Safari (because Apple likes to be different RSS Symbol )
  6. Only place to save it is bookmark it… (booo!)

     RSS Subscribe Safari


However, FeedBurner, recently acquired by Google is VERY popular and allows for a RSS Feed to display several options, below is my FeedBurner feed for The Fatty Talks by Adam Hirsch, which gives you options of how you’d like to “Subscribe”. Thank you Google for making the Pro Options Free!!!

FeedBurner Description

Subscribe Now FeedBurner

and finally all of these feeds don’t do you any good unless you have something and somewhere to read them. The key is to have them somewhere you look often… My next post will describe the options… Leave me a comment if you learned anything from this!

Continuing the Feed Education series from the previous post, knowing what a feed is and how you can identify and subscribe to them, doesn’t really help you unless you have a Feed Reader. However, you must (in order to stay up to date) use a Feed Reader that suits you and your daily schedule. I’ll review several options that I think are standard yet fully functional and for the “Average” Internet User, but could be and IS used by the most technologically savvy nerds out there.

Web Based RSS Feed Readers

Google Reader = most popular reader. I personally don’t like it because if I’m at work and someone looks over at my screen it’s obvious that I’m NOT doing work. Plus I don’t use GMail.

Google Reader Screenshot 


“My Pages” = basically consists of several options of a “home page”.  They include MyYahoo, IGoogle, NetVibes, PageFlakes, etcetera. You can add the RSS Feed easily through the Feedburner Feed Options or manually enter in the URL for the feed. For example in MyYahoo:

MyYahoo Add Feed Screenshot

(starreminder, clicking on the Universal Feed Logo icon in a browser will direct you to the feed URL to enter)


Newsgator Logo Newsgator = I personally use FeedDemon, but that is just the Desktop version of the web based Newsgator Feed Reader. I personally think having the ability to look at the feeds on your desktop is well presented with higher functionality (more below).

Newsgator Screenshot

(starnote: keeping feeds separated into Folders, usually by category will make life and feed reading a lot easier when you have over 100 feeds. With folders, you can view updated information by Topic, like in the screen shot above, News, New York, Personal and Technology)


Yahoo Mail Logo Yahoo Mail = I personally use Yahoo! Mail Plus ($20 per year) which has no advertising, Pop Forwarding features (for my PDA usage), unlimited storage and the ability to setup unlimited Disposable Addresses, which comes in handy when subscribing to all the web pages out there (can setup right from Yahoo! Toolbar). 

Yahoo Mail RSS Feeds


star Reminder: The advantage of a Web Based Feed Reader is that the content is always available and synchronized no matter which computer or PDA or phone you are using (options to view on PDA or Phone look like

star Not to be excluded, Internet Explorer and Firefox have built it RSS Feed Readers and Firefox has several RSS Feed Reader Add-ons. However, there is a lack of synchronization between these readers so there will be a lot of sifting of previously read articles between computers.


Desktop RSS Feed Readers

FeedDemon = This is what I use and I think it is Amazing (but I have a few suggestions for improvement).

FeedDemon Screenshot

The advantages are:

  1. Looks like a professional program, so compared to IGoogle or Google Reader or Yahoo! Mail, if you’re boss happens to walk past your screen it looks like you are reading news or documents.
  2. If your boss is walking by, the program is easily hidden, FeedDemon Tray Icon the FeedDemon Tray Icon is a great advantage which allows you to X it out and keep it in the tray, keeping your taskbar clean and open for all the other programs you have open.
  3. FeedDemon synchronizes with Newsgator Online, so when I come home and open up FeedDemon, I hit update and it automatically synchronizes with the unread items I had at my work version.
  4. Ability to easily change Fonts, Appearances, Window Sizes, Update Frequencies, Notification windows (taskbar updates of which blogs have new items).
  5. Quick learning keyboard shortcuts for Feed Read, Mark All Read, Next Feed AND easy to use buttons.
  6. Connectivity from the Feed Item to “Email this News Item”, Copy to clipboard, Blog this item (I use Windows Live Writer and this is a quick way to post)  and Social Bookmarking posting, such as I frequently use this to email my friends funny or interesting articles that I read.FeedDemon Options Screenshot

The disadvantages are that it cost me some money, $29.95 to be precise. It was and IS well worth it (price for 2 computers).


Outlook = Another great way to pretend like you are doing work and reading e-mails while really catching up with the latest and greatest. Also, to contradict myself, sometimes reading blogs and keeping up with the “latest and greatest” is beneficial to your field. Personally, I keep up with all that is Real Estate. The disadvantages was that it became overwhelming for me to view the feeds through Outlook. It also noticeably slowed down it’s performance.

Outlook RSS Reader Screenshot

Once again, hope you learned something and if not, hopefully you know of someone to send this post to in order to educate your friends on “keeping up with the times”.

starA great source for more on RSS Feed Readers is the The Ultimate RSS Toolbox – 120+ RSS Resources by !

Basically, is the Open Source (plugin-enabled) version. It’s relatively complicated for most users to install a WordPress installation in their Domain Name, so here are steps to make your life easier…

  1. Buy a Domain Name, I suggest using, since it was a hell of a lot easier to use their control panel compared to and
  2. Determine a web hosting solution that has a Fantasico Script Installer, which installs programs with 1 click, such as WordPress. Luckily, I use and they are always up to date with the latest version. $6.95 / month isn’t bad if you are not expecting thousands of visitors every day. I believe that the $6.95 is a 2 year commitment price and that $7.95 is a 1 year commitment price, FYI. Be sure to forward the Nameservers to whichever hosting service you use in order to enable the host to access your Domain. Note, does have a FREE Domain with the plan.                                 Bluehost WordPress

  3.  When you are done, go to your Fantastico De Luxe Bluehost Button button in your “Software/Services” section of your control panel…
  4. Hit “WordPress” under “Blogs”, hit “New Installation”. Note that if you are using the domain as the blog name, be sure to install in root directory, otherwise name the installation directory “blog”.
  5. Go to www.[yourdomainname].whatever/(and the directory if you chose one)/wp-admin and fill in your user information and start blogging.

starCustomization and Plugins education to follow.

Well, you can’t discuss a installation without mentioning Plugins. So, basically, to make it simple, here are the plugins I use, the hyperlinks get you to the downloads, you upload them (with folders if there are multiple files) into the wp-content/plugins directory of your blog. I’ve provided screenshots for applicable plugins.

Google Adsense widget = Pretty Self Explanatory, but it allows for a sidebar widget (and other places with configuration) for displaying your Google Adsense ads. 

All in One SEO Pack = enables certain modifications to your WordPress Blog to provide Search Engine Optimization. (enable Search Engines to better pick up your site)

AJAX Comments = this provides an easy and quick Comments interface in your comments section for your visitors.

Akismet = So far this “SPAM” catcher has caught everything that is SPAM (and trust me, it’s odd, but you receive SPAM comments on WordPress blogs.

Blogroll Page =  Easily create a new page that if you insert a snippet of code, it displays your Blogroll, as in

Enforce www. Preference =  Important Search Engine Optimization fact is that Google and other search engines will pickup and if you do not have this plugin enforced. This helps because duplicates are bad for Search Engine Optimization.

FeedBurner FeedSmith = Now that Google bought Feedburner (.com), Feedburner’s Pro features are now FREE. So, once again, Thank You Google! Feedburner FeedSmith alters your Wordpress feed to automatically switch to the Feedburner feed, in my case becomes Feedburner is awesome because you can customize your feed with extra social links, email this and you can monitor subscriptions, errors with your feed and even have your feed optimized. 

Google XML Sitemaps = Sitemaps are important for Search Engines to easily and speedily recognize your Blog and the pages it contains within. Keeping an up to date Sitemap with Google Webmaster Tools increases your visibility with Google.

Google Analyticator = Enter in your Google Analytics “unique code” to monitor your web site traffic. Google Analytics is by far the most comprehensive FREE web site tracking and statistics web site.

iWPhone = Simple Plugin that optimizes your blog for the IPhone. I tested this out recently and it works like a charm.

MyBlogLog Widget = MyBlogLog is a great community of Blog authors who share their favorite blogs and their communities around them. This sidebar widget displays Recent Readers from MyBlogLog.

MyBlogLog Widget WordPress Screenshot Notify Me = Although this created problems for me with Microsoft Live Writer, since it sends out e-mails of your posts to subscribers immediately after you post an item, I still use it because of the extremely clean interface and clear HTML e-mails it sends. You can also create an easy “Subscribe by E-mail” Sidebar widget…

Subscribe By Email WordPress Screenshot

Picasa Photos = I think the Picasa Photos look great compared to the Flickr Photos when they display on the sidebar.

Subscribe me = This plugin is a great sidebar widget to add to the top of your sidebar that adds a variety (which you can choose from) of “Subscribe to my feed” through…

Subscribe Me WordPress Screenshot Stats =  Note: You need a API Key (I luckily first used for my blog and now synchronize them), so I had this key (found in Options –> Users –> Your Profile). This plugin though, recently updated, allows you to view your Blog Statistics (most popular posts, visitors, referrals) on your Blog Stats menu.

Sociable = A great plugin with many options (you can choose which to use) of Social Bookmarking services to add to the bottom of posts in your pages, single posts or feeds. Mine are below…

Sociable WordPress Screenshot

Share This =  Similar to Sociable, but not as trustworthy I realized (has glitches in where the window opens in IE), provides Social Bookmarking in an easy pull down menu and a really simple “E-mail This” post, which is mainly why I use it (since you don’t have to leave the post area at anytime.

Share This WordPress Screenshot

wp-cache = Simple plugin that “Caches” your web site for optimal load times. 

WP Plugins Tracker = New Plugin that I love, checks all your plugins (activated or not) and determines if your version # is the same or outdated. Easily click the Plugin Name to go to the Plugin’s Web Site to download the updated version from there.

WordPress Mobile Edition =  Simple plugin that you upload also to the “Themes” directory that enables optimization for mobile phone viewing.

That’s it. Those are the plugins I installed, activated and use. Trust me, I’ve tried others, these, for the general purposes of a simple blog (no videos, pictures, directory, code explanations).

Hope you learned something and if you are a Beginner, be sure to check out the whole Technology Education Category.

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Basically, it’s pretty simple to find Plugins and Themes for installations, just search Google. However, there are definitely resources out there that are misleading and some that are better than others.

Plugins Image WordPress Plugins

starFYI, most plugins should be uploaded into the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your blog. Once there, in the control panel/administration section, hit “Plugins” and “Activate” it.

Activate Plugin Screen Shot

Sidebar Screenshot

Always do this one at a time in order to identify an incompatible plugin. Sidebar or Widget Plugins after activated usually need further implementation, by going to your “Presentation” and Sidebar/Widgets button and bring the item you wish to include into the sidebar.

starBefore Choosing Your Plugins Always be sure to check:

  1. Compatible with your WordPress Version
  2. Ratings and Reviews
  3. Installation Files should be read to make sure there’s nothing overly complicated that you can’t do (like inserting text into WordPress files)

WordPress Plugin Directories

The obvious choices and the first place to check (and you should look through all of them first before deciding which to use) is… = Introduction and Explanation of Plugins, with a variety of information, plugins and directories = The official WordPress Plugins Directory. Always check what’s “Most Popular” for a good head start = WordPress Plugin Database is expansive and categorized, but I find that it’s a little complicated to browse through everything. However, when searching for category specific plugins, it’s very handy = Blogging Pro has a good but small variety of plugins with explanations and updates = WeblogtoolsCollections is having a WordPress Plugin Competition which spurred some great plugins. Right now (August 8th 2007) the competition is in the voting phase. So Get to voting or if you check this afterwards, find the great plugins. = Alex King has a great list of Plugins, with easy access to Downloads and the Readme’s, each plugin’s description is well done. = Small but useful plugins directory

WordPress Themes

To install themes, upload into wp-content/themes/ directory. Go to Administration, Presentations and Choose from the Available Themes.

starBe Careful about installing themes, since a variety of them aren’t always compatible with the plugins and some may have a few bugs. (Also, you should never have to really pay for a theme)

Before I get to the themes directory, my 2 favorites:

  1. K2 or at = simple, easily editable, great widget and plugin support, updates available as they come out, good support forums, customisable
  2. Illacrimo = sexy design, not as customizable, promises to be widget ready

WordPress Themes Directories = Official Themes Directory, contains only a few themes, but has a theme list (basically just see below) = Not the best, but a comprehensive list, doesn’t include screenshots = WordPress Theme Viewer has a great amount of themes, with screenshots and the ability to “Test Run” = This site includes Themes broken down into categories by amount of columns, colors, corner types, number of sidebars with screenshots and demos = Doesn’t include screenshots on the main directory, but has a good list = A semi-large collection with screenshots and “Live Previews” = A good source for themes with well-written descriptions and screenshots (includes demos)

Well, that should be it. If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I’ll respond.

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Obviously, the first step is to setup Google Adsense and place the code into the Google Adsense sidebar plugin/widget. However, there are many more options, which I am currently exploring. The best explanations and links to your options, that I found, were all through DoshDosh.

Ways to Make Money Online- A Guide

How to Make More Money with Your Website (without Getting More Traffic)

10 Powerful Direct Advertising Options to Easily Monetize Your Website or Blog

So You Want to Make Money Online- An Extensive Guide to T-Shirt Affiliate Marketing

Thanks DoshDosh!!!

DoshDosh Banner

Finally Mashable had enough mini WordPress Lists to combine them all into one GIANT WordPress Plugins List. Not the end all and be all of lists, but has great descriptions and will definitely serve as a great directory for awhile.

WORDPRESS GOD: 300+ Tools for Running Your WordPress Blog

Wordpress Tools Logo

Highly customizable and SOOO easy to use. I think Mandigo is one of the sexiest WordPress Themes (and free), I’ve ever seen (and I’ve definitely looked at hundreds). Not only is it sexy, the options from the theme menu allow you to make crucial changes without delving into the CSS and HTML of the pages.

Here are some Configuration Screen Shots (notice it even includes a great README):

Mandigo WordPress Themes  Options Screenshot 1

Mandigo WordPress Themes  Options Screenshot 2

Mandigo WordPress Themes  Options Screenshot 3

Mandigo WordPress Themes  Options Screenshot 4

All with a Preview of the site with the changes:

Mandigo WordPress Themes  Options Screenshot 5

To check out the Handy Work that I created, see The Hypothetical, a great blog about News, Fashion, Literature, Politics and More.

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Thanks to my friend Todd, I/he realized that the’s CAPTCHA WordPress Plugin I had previously installed apparently didn’t work in Safari, which is not a lot of users but still, quite a few.

The new WordPress Plugin called ReCaptcha that I am using is working perfectly in Safari, Firefox and IE. Plugin can be downloaded here.

The interesting tidbit about ReCAPTCHA is that while you enter in the words it actually helps digitize books… Quite interesting, definitely read their explanation.

Anyways, to inform you, since Todd didn’t know…

The term CAPTCHA (for Completely Automated Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart) was coined in 2000 by Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas Hopper and John Langford of Carnegie Mellon University. At the time, they developed the first CAPTCHA to be used by Yahoo.

I’ve been reading WebProNews coverage of the SES (Search Engine Strategies) Conference and Expo in San Jose and they’ve been doing a great job. I’ve posted below links to their best and informative posts related to blogging, web sites and search engine optimization. Enjoy…

Now this is all based on this WordPress Support post, but there are some additions and I placed the code here for your convenience: How can I have more text widgets in my template? 

Basically (using WordPress 2.2.2) you can find the widgets.php file in the WP-INCLUDES/ directory. Open it and back it up just in case…  Now here are the changes:

  1. Under “function widget_text_setup…” you will find the #’9′ (2 times)
  2. Change ‘9’ to your new # of Text widgets you would like
  3. Slightly under that, you will see “function widget_text_page…”
  4. Change the # ’10’ in this section to your # + 1 (if you chose 15 is Step 2, change this number to 16)
  5. Find “function widget_text_register…”
  6. Change all ‘9’ to your new #
  7. Upload and your done

If you are too afraid, I edited (for WordPress 2.2.2) the widgets.php for 15 text widgets… Drop into your wp-includes and your done.

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In my previous post I included what I thought was the top related blogging tips from the SES (Search Engine Strategies) Conference and Expo in San Jose. Now that the conference is over, here are the final blog worth posts worth reading (and thank you WebProNews for the great coverage):


“Cheat Sheets” are used, especially in web design, code writing, API’s and large sites like Google to grasp all the variables in just 1 – 10 single pages. Usually each page has their own topic in order to break them down. On Kahi’s “WordPress Cheatsheets Summarized” he collects 9 cheat sheets:

  1. Administration pages and options hierarchy
  2. WordPress database structure
  3. The Loop with it’s template tags
  4. Widget frame
  5. Plugin API
  6. Template tags
  7. Plugin API pic
  8. Template tags pic
  9. Template tags in plain text

Definitely worth looking through and definitely worth printing if you plan to edit your WordPress installation or develop plugins.

I have to admit, although I was afraid of the effects of doing this, I still did it and it worked… But be forewarned, always BACKUP your WordPress installation and probably follow all of the WordPress Upgrade Instruction steps just in case. Here’s what I did:

  1. I used the WordPress Database Backup Plugin
  2. I downloaded the latest WordPress Version to my desktop
  3. Following the Upgrade Instructions that read: “DO NOT DELETE these folders and files:”
  4. Following the instructions in #3, all I did was delete from the folders on my desktop (not online): the ‘wp-content’ folder
  5. Uploaded the rest to my WordPress Installation directory
  6. All Done

Once again, be forewarned, this technically could cause a lot of problems, especially because I didn’t deactivate a single plugin, but it worked for me.

imageVery odd, but as I was writing the previous post on Manual Upgrade WordPress Installation via FTP – in 5 Easy Steps and went back to the “Upgrading WordPress Extended Detailed Instructions Page” and it had changed to include more information. Check it out. They basically compressed several pages into one. Looks much better. Kudos.

Basically, after manually updating for the past 2 WordPress Updates, I noticed that on my Bluehost Hosting Package whenever I clicked on my WordPress Installations it always had the original version # and asked if I wanted to “Upgrade” to the latest WordPress version. Here’s the easy fix:

  1. In your WordPress Installation Directory find the file “fantversion.php”
  2. Edit it and change the “$version = ‘2.2’” to “$version = ‘2.2.2’”
  3. Upload and the message disappears in the the Fantastico De Luxe menus

The WordPress Reports Plugin utilizes information from Google Analytics and from Feedburner and displays the crucial statistics for your blog right in your WordPress “Site Admin” menus. I love it and it’s definitely different information and output compared to the WordPress Stats plugin (plus you don’t need a API).


  • Provides you with a birds-eye view of what?s going on with your site
  • Retrieves data from Google Analytics and Feedburner
  • Reports are represented visually with graphs
  • Choose the reports you want to view
  • Ability to automatically install the Google Analytics tracking code for you, along with optional outbound link tracking.
  • Includes a WordPress widget to display your most popular content.
  • Automatically check for updates to the plugin
  • Other services coming soon (hopefully)?

Using this information, I can see what is popular in order to focus my content on my visitors, because my posts and this information isn’t just for my benefit.


I won’t lie, I certainly would not call myself an ‘expert’ on WordPress, I’m getting there though. As always, my education section (in chronological order to teach from the beginning onward) is aimed at educating on all that is RSS Feeds, WordPress and the Internet. So here are recent tips from ‘experts’:


 As a proud guest writer on, I have come across some great (and always FREE) web applications. BlogBackupOnline, not only surprised me at how easy it was to setup, it’s also an amazing MUST HAVE web utility…

BlogBackupOnline Features

  • Securely store and backup your blog data online.
  • Schedule automatic backups (daily, weekly, monthly) and backup reports.
  • Export: Download and Save backups to your PC.
  • Restore Backup: quickly restore or transfer your blog to another location.
  • Supported blogging platforms: Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, Friendster, LiveJournal, Serendipity, Windows Live Space, Movable Type, Terapad, and Vox. (more on the way)
  • Receive up to 50 MB of free backup space (don?t worry it?s more than enough for most of the folks).
  • Backup blog images (JPEG, GFI, PNG, TIFF, BMP) and videos.
  • Browse website in English or Spanish.

BlogBackupOnline > Web2.0 Tools, WebServices, Mobile Apps

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Facebook Loves WordPressIn the style of Mashable’s Toolboxes and Lists, I dedicate this one to all the  dorks out there like me who want to share their personal life with their non-personal blogging life…


WordPress – Create a account AND access your account from directly in Facebook. Publishes from accounts into Facebook News Feeds, Mini-Feeds and adds a box in your profile that is customizable.


WordBook – This plugin essentially allows you to cross-post to your Facebook account directly from your WordPress blog

Blog Friends – Share and receive recommendation based blogs and blog posts


Facebook Photos for WordPress Plugin – by TanTan Noodles  – “This WordPress


Always reading and learning to improve your blog or  web site is crucial, here are 5 recent articles that will help you out…

  1. 10 Easy Ways to Improve Internal Linking on Your Blog (Daily Blog Tips)
  2. Social Media Marketing Strategy #1: Re-Submitting Linkbaits for Viral Success (Dosh Dosh)
  3. A Definitive StumbleUpon Guide: Driving Traffic To Websites (Shaun Low)
  4. 170+ Expert Ideas From World’s Leading Developers (Smashing)
  5. 5 things you should already know in WordPress (little ubuntu)

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WordPress Logo  StumbleUpon Logo

With the success of last week’s 5 New Posts to Better Your Blog, here are 10 more posts that you should definitely read:


wordpress WordPress Plugin developers are out there everywhere and they are always hard at work trying to solve the mysteries of “How to Make WordPress Better” in various ways. Here are my top 7 choices for the newest plugins to be released for WordPress…


Fatty is Talking If you have a blog or a web site, then just like me, you should read all of these articles too. They range from Design Tips, to inspirational ideas, to writing styles to which blogging methods are successful and why. Just read them…


wordpress As I said only a couple of days ago, ‘WordPress Plugin developers are out there everywhere and they are always hard at work trying to solve the mysteries of “How to Make WordPress Better” in various ways.’ I feel like at least 3 of the 6 below will improve my blog greatly. I’m excited to install and configure!


Google Webmaster Tools The new Google Webmaster Tools has arrived and it’s pretty well stocked. You should definitely be using it for any and every web site you run. My belief, since I’ve already noticed a slight amount of visits from Google Image searches that this should enhance/increase incoming traffic after Enabling Enhanced Search….

Google now offers enhanced search for images contained in your site, including advanced labeling techniques for images hosted by Google. Learn more about how enhanced image search works.

Here are some Screenshots:


The Fatty is Talking

All of the posts below I have read. They include over 100 tips and ideas of strategy, concepts, tips and educational comments on how everyone can increase their traffic via several routes. I included my most recent post as #10, so really there are 19 posts, so if you haven’t read all of them. Do it!


wordpress Always hard at work to improve our WordPress life, below are 5 of the newest WordPress Plugins to hit the Internet. If you know of any other recent plugins, feel free to share them with me in the comments…


ContentRobot Logo ContentRobot has updated their iWPhone plugin, which optimizes your WordPress blog for the iPhone, to include the iPod Touch as well… Also, the two big A’s, Apple and Automattic sends them love.

You know it’s a good week when two of your favorite companies call just to thank you for the work you have done. We are talking about Apple and Automattic, who both called ContentRobot to chat about our iWPhone WordPress Plugin and Theme. We were tickled pink to hear from both of them in one week and really excited to hear of their interest in our work.

Read the full story at: Apple + WordPress = iWPhone (+new version!)

wordpress WordPress users should be expecting the release of WordPress version 2.3 on September 24th. It seems thankfully there are a few programmers/developers out there who are not only aware of this but doing something about it by writing new plugins either compatible or exclusively for WordPress 2.3. Either way, in the past week I have posted several posts with new WordPress Plugins, 5 New WordPress Plugins, 6 Brand Spankin New WordPress Plugins, Best of the New WordPress Plugins… Totaling now with the below Plugins over 27 recent additions.


Google Webmaster Central Blog Logo

It’s so sweet of Google to do this for us…

Obligatory disclaimer: While we’ve collected tips and pointers below, and we encourage webmasters to “please try the following at home,” this is by no means an exhaustive list for your website’s security. We hope it’s useful, but we recommend that you conduct more thorough research as well.


wordpress Uh oh! It’s getting Closer. I will follow up later today with how to get prepared!

The first release candidate for WordPress 2.3 is now available. We’ve spent the week since beta 3 fixing bugs and shaping RC1 into release candidate material. If you would like try RC1 and help us get 2.3 ready for its final release on Monday the 24th, download RC1 here and report any bugs you find.


wordpress WordPress users should be expecting the release of WordPress version 2.3 on September 24th. It seems thankfully there are a few programmers/developers out there who are not only aware of this but doing something about it by writing new plugins and explaining how to update your themes.

Apparently the upgrade will be “mandatory” because it will also close security issues, so seems like there’s going to be a lot of confusion ahead. Luckily, I’m compiling here articles and posts that will hopefully enable a smooth transition:


fatty talking 3 categories, 5 posts each and they are all recently published posts that I believe are must reads. I actually learned quite a lot this week and I plan on implementing several design changes after the big WordPress 2.3 upgrade happening next week.

A special mention for Daily Blog Tips who compiled an impressive multi-topic list at Blog Writing Project: Tips & Tricks Final List. Congratulations and Well Done!

Now for my Weekly list, here we go:


wordpress There are only several days left till WordPress 2.3 is official (September 24th). Getting ready for it won’t be the easiest thing and hopefully it won’t be complicated either. Here’s an update to my previous post.

Upgrading and When:


wordpress Oh it’s getting exciting now and people are feeling the pressure to update their WordPress installations to 2.3 and the bloggers are out there to help follow bloggers on tips for Upgrading. Surprisingly and not surprisingly there are quite a lot of updated or new plugins now with 2.3 compatibility. I would like to thank everyone out there who is working hard on upgrading their plugins, themes and keeping the world posted on what to do…

New Plugins:


fattytalking It’s now apparent that I’m reading way too many blogs, however, there is no way in hell I’d ever read every single article, usually you can tell from the first few sentences or even the topic if you want to read it. These are the articles that I read, learned from and enjoyed it.

fattytalking Now, I’m tired of thinking up new names to get people excited about what this post is when it really just is a collection “Improve Your Blog and Web Site Posts”. So, that’s what it will be called from now on. So enjoy the best of what I’ve read recently from some great bloggers!


Wow. I’m impressed and congratulations! I am a big K2 fan and their support in their forums are amazing. As is their plugin compatibility, since I’ve only had an issue with 1 plugin since using K2 and it turned out it was the plugins fault anyway.

K2 RC1 is WordPress 2.3 ready. Just in time for the big upgrade. So here it is, straight from their mouths:


wordpressLinks, plugins, themes and recent posts to follow tomorrow…

I’m thrilled to announce that Version 2.3 “Dexter” of WordPress is now ready for the world. This release includes native tagging support, plugin update notification, URL handling improvements, and much more. This release is named for the great tenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon.