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I tried again and failed – Damn You Ubuntu

Okay, figured, since Wubi Installer build went up a .00.01, figured they fixed something, so I tried installing Ubuntu again. Same problem. I took the advice of the commenter, then came across a new problem. Now instead of the 3 crazy columns of crazy colors, the load made it just a wee bit further, then… it turned off my monitor. The only way to go out of this was the command prompt. Oh well. I researched and I tried various options from the Ubuntu Forums, but to no avail.

Then, I tried installing Kubuntu, but same problem and definitely couldn’t get the Nvidia drivers installed this time. I’m giving up till I have another computer where I can do a fresh install of Ubuntu directly and forget all about Wubi… for now…

I Love Comments – Linux Edition – Wii Edition

WiiTennis Thank you Xivulon, much appreciated comment: “Most likely the driver for your video card was not installed, see how to install it from command line. Ask in the Wubi forum or in the general Ubuntu forum. In short you have to get network up, then install Linux-restricted-modules, and then the appropriate driver for your video card.”

Thanks, that definitely sounds like what could’ve happened, I did remember the “recognizing the hardware” screen go a little too fast, if you know what I mean. However, I just bought a Wii today, Woooo. Ubuntu might have to wait… awhile…  But thanks again and I will see how to do it…eventually…

My Wubi Ubuntu Installation Failed

Will I try it again? Possibly… Does this turn me away from a new Ubuntu installation in the future? Possibly… Will I most likely install it again at some point, just in case? Of Course. As Sharon called this though, it was surely a “Dorky Disappointment”. Here are some excited Screen shots I took, then wait for the final death screen just as Ubuntu was loading… So close…

img117img115 img118 img117 img121 img122 Then the Flashing screen of Death…img124


A Flickering 3 column screen of colors, that I let go for at least 10 minutes… Did anybody else have this problem? I probably should’ve screen captured my error message (which I only got when I finally hit the power button, which brought me out of the “Screen of Death” back into the loading interface)… Something about a HP… Load error?


Average Computer User trying Ubuntu

So, since I checked Wubi again recently and read that “Wubi will run on on all image Windows versions from Windows 98 to Windows Vista”, and I unfortunately/fortunately have Vista, I am in the process of downloading Ubuntu 7.04, Feisty Fawn, through (Read the FAQ first). I am heading out for the night, let’s see what happens when I reboot tomorrow… dum dum dummmmmmmm….. (Blogging is truly making me a geek/dork)…