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I am the new Community and Marketing Director at Mashable

mashable This is a very exciting moment for me and a dream come true. I will be the new Community and Marketing Director at, the #1 Social Network News site…


In case you are wondering what that means, here’s a summary of everything that I will be working on for Mashable:

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Happy Jewish New Year with Video!

To all the Jews out there in Cyberspace, Happy Jewish New Year (Shanah Tovah!). To all the non-Jews out there, find a Jew and wish him a Happy New Year. Read more from Wikipedia’s post on Rosh Hashanah.

Now for some video. She’s trying to be the “Box in a Box” girl, but it’s in the same spirit and it’s actually a decent song and video, so whatever you celebrate enjoy!

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Recycle Your Electronics in Manhattan September 9th through NYCWasteLess

(Copied and pasted from my environmental blog: The Fatty Cares) 

Recycle Your Electronics

If not donating unwanted electronics for reuse, drop off your unwanted or broken electronics for recycling. Only the following items will be accepted:

  • electr-icons-orange-200 computers & laptops
  • monitors
  • printers & scanners (desktop only) 
  • keyboards & mice
  • TVs
  • VCRs & DVD players
  • cell phones

Other kinds of electronics won’t be accepted. Only NYC residents (no businesses allowed*) may drop off material (limit five pieces per vehicle). The first 100 people to drop off electronics will receive a $5 Best Buy gift card.

All dropped off items will be recycled through contracted vendors and all data on hard drives will be destroyed; no scavenging will be permitted and no tax-deduction receipts will be given out.

While safe to use, electronics contain hazardous materials, such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium. Recycling your unwanted electronic equipment keeps these hazardous materials out of the waste stream and the environment.

Sunday, September 9, 2007
8am – 2pm
Union Square North Plaza (southeast corner of 17th St. and Broadway; cars enter at 16th St & Union Square West).

More dates and all the information from NYCWastele$$ can be found here. (Thanks Todd!)

New Favorite Snorg Tees T-shirts

From Snorg Tees:

I Don't Wanna Grow UpAlcohol Is The Answer


Have a great weekend! 



My iTunes Favorites – Now in Sidebar

Pretty easy to get a My iTunes Favorites Widget, and their semi-customizable:

  • Enable My iTunes

    Enable My ItunesFirst, sign in to your iTunes Store account. Then click Enable My iTunes to enable the feeds that power your widgets.  It’s in Your Account Area.

  • Get the code

    A web page will open where you can get the feed URL, and personalize

    My iTunes Code

    the size and color theme of each of your My iTunes widgets.

    A web page will open where you can get the feed URL, and personalize the size and color theme of each of your My iTunes widgets.

  • Preview and paste

    Once your widget is just right, click Copy to save the code onto your computer’s clipboard.

    Then edit your personal site or profile and paste the code wherever you’d like the widget to appear.

Here’s my Large Version. Let me know what you think…

Take That Spammers! CAPTCHA Plugin’s CAPTCHA plugin was the easiest to configure Plugin for including a CAPTCHA (those blocks of letters and numbers you have to identify correctly in order to successfully post a comment AND you see them all the time on Ticketmaster, etcetera, just to make sure you are a real person and not a filthy SPAMMER!).

Anyways, simple, easy… Sign Up, decide the type of CAPTCHA you want, then hit “install”, then choose the WordPress Plugin option, download the file (already configured to the options/type you chose), activate!

Take that Spammers! (and thank you Askimet for keeping me sane thus far).

An FYI About my Postings

Just so everybody knows I am all about being a fair and balanced Blogger when it comes to advertising/pushing/social-bookmarking/diggin/etc… I haven’t and will never submit Non-Original Material postings to anywhere. Ever. I only submit my Original Material posts to Stumble Upon, Digg, Reddit, etc. Also, I will always include the proper link-back.

So, enjoy all that is The Fatty Talks!

Announcing The Fatty Cares

I have created a Spin Off of The Fatty Talks (.com) that will focus primarily on the environment called The Fatty Cares (.com). As the environment is an important issue with me and should be for everyone else. This is from my first post, an Introduction:

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the implications. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that these changes are already happening. It doesn’t take a genius to look at the Climactic changes of the past millions of years and realize that while we are in the most unstable era of our time, the temperature increase is happening at an “alarming” rate.

So, this blog will be a record of:

  1. Proof of the Global Climate Change Phenomena
  2. Proof that there are People out there trying to Stop this and/or make a difference
  3. Proof that there are People and Governments out there who don’t care

Once again, thanks to Josh for the Logo Header Design:

The Fatty Cares Logo 

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Bastard Spammers!

I hate you Spammers, with an extreme passion. EXTREME! As of this morning, IAngry Bull Cartoon received over 30 subscription notifications from and on Nataan’s NotifyMe system. Instead of competing (because I had no idea how) I had to de-activate the plugin.

You Bastards! Also, since August 6th, when my Askimet Spam Count was officially 200, 8 days later, I am now at 424. Maybe I should be flattered by the increase in Web Traffic, but I’m more pissed than anything.