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Pete Cashmore on CurrentTV

Check it out,

Here’s my boss, CEO of Mashable, Pete Cashmore with a full 8 minute long pod on CurrentTV. I watch a lot of CurrentTV, but hands down (with little bit of bias) this is a great pod.

April 3rd 2008 is “GOOD PEOPLE DAY” Pass it on

Gary Vaynerchuk of WineLibraryTV personally thanks me as part of his innovation for Good People Day… Pass it on:

I want to try to get the WHOLE INTERNET COmmunity behind this mission I have to make sure that tomorrow people write and talk abd blog and twitter and just flat out SING about people that are AWESOME and GOOD. It is time that we take control of the fact that WE are the media and pump out a day tomorrow that will make NOISE across this WORLD! Please take the time tonight to gather your thoughts as you come up with ideas on how to spread the word about AWESOME people! I am looking for blog posts, twitters, powncers, facebooking, digging, flickring, stumpling on all things that are good about PEOPLE!
Please tag all work “GPD08″

Via April 3rd 2008 is “GOOD PEOPLE DAY” Pass it on

The Wii Loop Machine 2.0 Video

Alright, apparently I’m into videos these days, but this is another must see. It will leave you amazed, impressed and bopping your head to the beats!

Bill Gates and his Last Day – Video with The Office Spoof and Cameos

Definitely worth a watch, captured at the Bill Gates’ CES Keynote…

Amazing Ad – Obviously Not from America

This ad is genius and supposedly won the 2007 Golden Lion at the International Advertising Festival in Cannes…


Insane Video of Nature Against Nature

Thanks to the ValleyWag top 10 videos for showing me this:

It’s Animals at their best. Hunting and then Protection. I won’t ruin it though, you have to watch the video…

I Will Always Love Jew – Music Video

Thanks to Perez Hilton for this: I Will Always Love Jew

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LG Verizon Voyager Rap Song

Worth a watch…

South Park: PC versus Mac

Not the funniest video, but definitely worth a watch:

Thanks to CyberNet for the recommendation.

Stoners explain The Google Maps on a Video Tour

Wait till you see this Google video, which is supposedly an video tour of Google Maps…

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