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10 Beautiful Jailbroken iPhone Theme Screenshots – Hack Required

Like some graffiti street art, iPhone themes are beautiful and colorful, but they are illegal. With Google Android being open and the iPhone being closed; there is only one option for beautification… jailbreak your iPhone. After the deed is done, there are two main apps to install and create your own iPhone themes: SummerBoard (pre 2.0 software) and WinterBoard (the elusive post 2.0 software theme installer). Once installed, if you aren’t the most creative cat in the bunch, there are plenty of iPhone Theme sites including the obviously titled iPhoneThemeWorld, iPhoneAtmo (NSFW) and Apple iPhone School (my favorite).

After looking through over 2,000 iPhone themes, below are 10 screenshots of jailbroken iPhones with great looks, great apps, and, well they shine with illegal elegance. *All link to Flickr versions so you can comment to the designers/users.

This one I call “Blue Fire Skull,” it’s simple and clean yet spicy:

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Closest ‘iPhone Killer’? Any New WM6 Full Screen PDA

at&t Tilt Let’s face it, no one can really compete with the iPhone, just like no one can really compete with the iPod. However, you take a great Windows Mobile phone (like the new AT&T tilt coming out tomorrow) and add some tweaks and programs and you’ve probably got something perhaps even better than the iPhone without the fears of bricking or any of that Apple crap their swinging… There’s a web site called “Who Needs an iPhone” that specializes in developing applications to make WM more like the iPhone if you really care… Sure the iPhone is cool, but WM6 is more practical for the business user especially with a Microsoft Exchange E-mail environment…

The reason you live: Super Mario sound FX keychain

Super Mario Bros. Sound FX Keychain

From CrunchGear, figured I’d share the love…

Look, let’s cut the bullshit and get straight to the point, shall we? This is a keychain that plays Super Mario Bros. sound FX and has a bright red paint job with an old school Mario logo. It is without a doubt the best $5.99 you will ever spend. Why’s this? Because the next time you get drunk off your ass and stumble out of the freshman dorms at your school, you’ll find a party at some frat house. Three hours and a bottle of Goldschlager later, you’ll whip out this keychain and will begin hitting buttons.

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Homer Simpson USB Gadgets

For some reason in the past few days there’s been an influx of Homer Simpsons USB Gadgets and a few other related toys, here are some of my favorites I’ve seen and where to buy them and for how much…

USB Homer Lamp–  $19.99 through Perpetual Kid



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Cheap USB Powerful Low Power Consumption Speakers

Gigabyte GP-S5500 USB Speaker Gigabyte GP-S5500 USB Speaker from USB Brando. If I didn’t have kick ass speakers already, I’d buy it

Gigabyte GP-S5500 Speaker built-in Class-D amplifier. It gives high quality of sound with low power consumption. Get this excellent audio system to enjoy music and games!


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KingMax Super Stick USB 2 GB Water Proof and World’s Tiniest USB Drive

KingMax QuarterKingMax 2G USB It’s been about 2 months now since I’ve bought the  KingMax Super Stick and I couldn’t be happier… I don’t understand how it’s soo small and holds 2 GB and why all of the other USB memory sticks aren’t this small…

Some of the Highlights:

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Pee Powered Battery Now Available

No shit??? (sorry if you realized the pun )


Pee Powered Battery Now Available (via TreeHugger)

ION TTUSB10 USB Turntable Review

 I want one!!! Finally my kickass record collection can move to the city with me!

ION TTUSB10 USB Turntable Review

Nerds Finally Get Action – Electronic Spin the Bottle

My assumption is that if this electronic Spin the Bottle can be modified by clever nerds and dorks, this can give them the advantage during their high school years. Program away virgin nerds! Program away…


Electronic Spin the Bottle

Panasonic/Sharper Image $5,000 chair!

If I had the money, I’d buy this in a second, even though I have no place for it. Unfortunately, I certainly don’t have $5,000 for a chair…  but this is my Dream Chair!!!!

panasonic massage chair?What your body craves.?

Panasonic is going for ?sex sell? with what you might assume to be something that, ahem, vibrates. They have packed 460 inches of air massage and 200 inches of back massage into their new luxury message chair, the EP30006 specifically for the Sharper Image.

If you?ve not been paying Panasonic much attention, clearly I have not, then you might not know they have an extensive line of massage chairs (I count 14 models) that peak with the EP30006 luxury model. Panasonic features the new ?Junetsu? fine-knead technique as well as 1117 massage modes (total) including the old standbys: Shiatsu and Swedish massage. Panasonic rounds the chair out with storage for 24 individual programs and includes being endorsed by the ACA (American Chiropractic Association) .

The chair uses a pressure sensitive scan to make a map of your back taking into account your height and spine curve. The resultant massage is custom sized just for you.

This chair at the Sharper Image will set you back $4799.

Product Page [Panasonic]

Panasonic/Sharper Image $5,000 chair!