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That’s Right – That’s my Face on 7x7SF

So, the Open Web Awards are over, but my face and the pictures live on in Flickr Streams, Facebook Pages and apparently 7x7SF’s front Page (see the bottom of the page for the slide show)!

Here’s the snapshot:


Yep, that’s right, that’s my face on the front page of 7x7SF…

Look who has a Hulu Private Beta Invite!


Take that!

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Finally the Verizon Wireless XV6800 is out

It’s up and running on and I’m excited. This is the phone I want! As soon as I get back from my business trip to San Francisco, I’m testing this out. Here’s the scoop:

Verizon XV6800

Details copied and pasted from Verizon:

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I Am The Winner: WOOOOO! For “How to” Contest through [Geeks Are Sexy] Technology News

Apparently I didn’t win for my awesome article directly, as my name was drawn from a “bowl”. But either way, WOOOOOOO!

I won for the post entitled: How To Be a Geek and Get Your Sexual Groove On

Video of me being announced as the winner:

And thanks to [GAS] for the prize: [GAS] “How to” Contest – And the winners are… | [Geeks Are Sexy] Technology News

South Park: PC versus Mac

Not the funniest video, but definitely worth a watch:

Thanks to CyberNet for the recommendation.

Verizon’s PDA line-up for November

If this graphic is true, I’m going to have a tough time deciding between the XV6800 and the Samsung i760… with 256 MB Flash/64 MB RAM and 802.11 wireless, I’ll probably wait for the XV6800…

Verizon PDA Lineup November 2007

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Verizon Voyager Gets Sized and Springs a Forum

Verizon Voyager Forums

In an update to my post: Verizon’s LG Voyager on Fire at Google Hot Trends with Details

UPDATE: Just wanted to let you know that there are forums up and running specifically for the Verizon Voyager and they’re pretty lively for just starting!

Also, a member took it upon themselves to do a little research to find out the dimensions of the Voyager, which a lot of people have been asking about:

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Release Dates for Upcoming Verizon Phones – includes WM6 PDAs

About 2 weeks ago, we heard that the Verizon XV6800 and the Samsung i760 were on there way, but no one knew when. Leave it to Boy Genius Report to solve this mystery… No XV6800, but perhaps the VX5400 will shed some light on it?

vzw launch dates

WebRunner: Turn the Web sites you use into Applications

gmail and facebook Webrunner is another genius open source application by Mozilla that is a web environment without distractions. It’s inherent function is a web browser, literally without any of the any toolbars or miscellaneous information. In addition, Webrunner is available for download for Windows, Mac and Linux. However, through specially encoded initialization files, you can access web sites and use them distraction free, in essence creating an application.

Gmail WebRunner

Here’s what Mozilla’s WebRunner Wiki had to say:

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Verizon’s LG Voyager on Fire at Google Hot Trends with Details

Google Trends lg Voyager 

Verizon LG Voyager So, the Mystery of the 4 new Verizon Phones which was quickly foiled by Engadget Mobile still leaves me wondering, where is my new WM6 PDA? Are Microsoft and Verizon on the outs?

Verizon’s LG Voyager is now found on spots 1. lg voyager and 2. verizon voyager in Google Hot Trends, but why??? It obviously is an iPhone clone and does have an additional feature that I’d consider switching up my Treo 700w for, a slide out QWERTY keyboard…

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