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10 Beautiful Jailbroken iPhone Theme Screenshots – Hack Required

Like some graffiti street art, iPhone themes are beautiful and colorful, but they are illegal. With Google Android being open and the iPhone being closed; there is only one option for beautification… jailbreak your iPhone. After the deed is done, there are two main apps to install and create your own iPhone themes: SummerBoard (pre 2.0 software) and WinterBoard (the elusive post 2.0 software theme installer). Once installed, if you aren’t the most creative cat in the bunch, there are plenty of iPhone Theme sites including the obviously titled iPhoneThemeWorld, iPhoneAtmo (NSFW) and Apple iPhone School (my favorite).

After looking through over 2,000 iPhone themes, below are 10 screenshots of jailbroken iPhones with great looks, great apps, and, well they shine with illegal elegance. *All link to Flickr versions so you can comment to the designers/users.

This one I call “Blue Fire Skull,” it’s simple and clean yet spicy:

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