Watch out Fantastico Script Installer here comes BitNami

I haven’t tried this yet, but if this is true and works very well, this could definitely alleviate some of the problems that are caused by the Fantastico script installer. I’m excited to try this out since I’ve been meaning to play around Joomla in the near future.

Here’s the full report via MakeUseOf:

BitNami makes it easier to download and install Open Source software packages (i.e. WordPress, SugarCRM, Drupal, phpBB…) by bundling each package into preconfigured 1-click setup file. No need to deal with configuration settings or dependencies. Just download a package you need, run installation wizard, and that’s it. Once done, you will have a fully-functional and configured copy on your system.

“The BitNami Project was created to help spread the adoption of freely available, high quality Open Source web applications.”

Bitnami -

  • Advanced search: browse and search open source packages by category (Blogging, CMS, Collaboration, CRM, Wiki, Photo Sharing, etc.), technology (ASP.NET, Java, MySQL, Python, Ruby on Rails, etc.), license type (Apache, Creative commeons, EPL, GPL, …) or tags.
  • Recommend and vote on the next to be stacked apps on Bitnami polls.
  • BitNami forums: Get help and provide feedback on the BitNami stacks.

Check out BitNami @

BitNami : Open Source Packages. Simplified.

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  • Consumer Electronics

    Sounds like a good idea, it depends on the price to be honest though. I hope it's better than Fantastico though.