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WordPress Gets Updated again to WordPress 2.3.2

wordpress4 Just in time for the New Year, WordPress finally fixes the recently exposed threat that anyone can view your future and draft posts. Also,  for the full details always check out the full list of changes. Here’s what they had to say for themselves on WordPress 2.3.2 :

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Watch out Fantastico Script Installer here comes BitNami

I haven’t tried this yet, but if this is true and works very well, this could definitely alleviate some of the problems that are caused by the Fantastico script installer. I’m excited to try this out since I’ve been meaning to play around Joomla in the near future.

Here’s the full report via MakeUseOf:

BitNami makes it easier to download and install Open Source software packages (i.e. WordPress, SugarCRM, Drupal, phpBB…) by bundling each package into preconfigured 1-click setup file. No need to deal with configuration settings or dependencies. Just download a package you need, run installation wizard, and that’s it. Once done, you will have a fully-functional and configured copy on your system.

“The BitNami Project was created to help spread the adoption of freely available, high quality Open Source web applications.”

Bitnami -

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Is there sumthin in mah teef?

I can’t stop laughing at this one for some reason!

funny pictures 

Is there sumthin (via I Can Has Cheezburger?)

Amazing Ad – Obviously Not from America

This ad is genius and supposedly won the 2007 Golden Lion at the International Advertising Festival in Cannes…


Look who has a Hulu Private Beta Invite!


Take that!

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Insane Video of Nature Against Nature

Thanks to the ValleyWag top 10 videos for showing me this:

It’s Animals at their best. Hunting and then Protection. I won’t ruin it though, you have to watch the video…