New and Updated WordPress Plugins and Great WordPress Posts

wordpress Well, finally the WordPress 2.3 craze has died down. It’s been awhile since I’ve read about anyone upgrading or complaining about errors for WordPress 2.3. I guess that means anyone who upgraded… either it worked and they didn’t complain or it didn’t work, they complained and downgraded. It’s been about a week since my last WordPress post, so there’s a lot to take in. 30 New WordPress plugins

First Lorrelle (on WordPress) released some great posts on changing your theme:

WordPress Theme Changes and Design: News:

New RECENT WordPress Plugins:

  • RSS Lightbox for WordPress 2.3 – take a RSS from Photobucket album and display a lightbox with their pictures.
  • RB Internal Links – Link to internal posts and pages in your blog in a similar to style to wiki. No need to remember full URLs, post ids or slugs. Wysiwyg plugin to help
  • Tinfoil Hat – Tinfoil Hat provides extra privacy configuration for your blog.
  • WP Easy PHP Calendar Admin – Adds the Easy PHP Calendar events administration and setup administration to the WordPress admin area.
  • Wiki Dashboard – Wiki on the dashboard for multiple autors.
  • Netfirms Pretty Permalinks – This plugin brings pretty permalinks functionality to Netfirms users for both PHP 4 and PHP 5.
  • LiveSearch – Includes LiveSearch in your blog. Now Widgetized.
  • jPic WordPress Widget – jPic is a general purpose WordPress widget which shows a picture supplied by an URL.
  • Hide upload – Hide upload section
  • Fresh Text  – Add classes to your html tags and the innerHTML is then automatically parsed into images with specified size, font, and color.
  • Fresh Page – Fresh Page is for creating customized write panels with file and photo uploads. Includes automatic photo resizing via phpThumb and c2c_get_custom.
  • Tags Manager – This plugin helps you to manage your tags
  • Slickr Widget – Adds a sidebar widget that shows your recent Flickr photos. Requires a Lightbox plugin to work properly.
  • Simple Tags – Simple Tags is the successor of Simple Tagging Plugin and is THE perfect tool to manage perfeclty your WP 2.3 tags
  • CryptX – En-/Decrypt mailto-Links to prevent Spam Bots scanning Sorcecode for Emails.
  • Cat Quotes – This Plugin is based on the “Hello Dolly” WordPress Plugin , When enabled you will randomly see a Cat Quote , in the upper right of your admin screen.
  • WP OldPost – If the post is older than 1 year, an alert will be displayed before the post encouraging visitors to check if there are more recent posts on the subject
  • WP-DOPPLR – WP-DOPPLR is a WordPress plugin that displays your DOPPLR information on your blog.
  • Lightbox 2 – Used to overlay images on the current page.
  • 4Avatars – This plugin allows you to add or or avatars to WordPress comments.
  • AnswerLinks – AnswerLinks is a plugin that will auto-suggest links to definitions on for words in your blog posts.
  • WP Contact Form III – A simple contactform for WordPress with antispam question
  • WP 2.3 statistics – WordPress 2.3 statistics Plugin will add the statistics into your blog, such as total posts, pages, tags.
  • Favourite Post plugin – This plugin is a replica to ‘noteworthy’ plugin.
  • EHT Downloads – This plugin generates automatically downloads lists, just giving a path and URL the plugin will generate all the HTML code itself.
  • Daniel’s DropDowns – This plugin extends the category and archive lists by providing a dropdown (select) box with a button or link to activate the selection.
  • Bookkeeping – A personal financial bookkeeping system.
  • Ajax Post Save – This plugin enables you to save any WordPress post/page with Ajax.
  • Berri Youtube Gallery – This Widget will display the YouTube videos that you want and the only data needed are the video URLs. There is no need to get YouTube API.
  • Berri Personalized Care – This plugin for WordPress will give up to four personalized messages depending on the origin of the visitors of your blog.

Recently Updated Popular (500 or more downloads) Plugins:

  • Live Search Popup – Spotlight ™ like live search with an ajax popup
  • Different Posts Per Page – Show different number of posts in home, category, search or archive page.
  • WP GuestMap – The plugin is Google Map widget builder, currently three major widgets are supported: Guest Locator, Stats Map and Weather Map
  • cforms II – contact form – cforms II is an extremely customizable, flexible & powerful contact form plugin.
  • Search Everything – Increases WordPress’ default search functionality through an options panel. Options include searching pages, excerpts, attachments, drafts…
  • BackUpWordPress – Manage WordPress Backups. Beta Release. Please help testing and give me feedback under the comments section of the Plugin page.
  • All in One SEO Pack – Optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization).
  • WP 2.3 Related Posts – WordPress 2.3 Related Posts Plugin will generate a related posts via WordPress 2.3 tags, and add the related posts to feed.
  • ¬©Feed – Extends the feed at copyright, a digital fingerprint, IP of feed-reader, comments, related posts! Search for content theft and many more features.
  • Daiko’s Video Widget – Adds a sidebar widget to display random videos of your own choice from Google, Myspace and YouTube.
  • Redirection – Redirection is a WordPress plugin to manage 301 redirections and keep track of 404 errors.
  • HeadSpace2 – A meta-data manager that controls almost every aspect of your site’s meta-data, including full tag/keyword support. Perfect for SEO!
  • AJAX Calendar – AJAX Calendar is a plugin that will display an AJAXified WordPress calendar.
  • Post Notification – With each new post an email is sent to every registered User in the Database. The email can be text or HTML.
  • Contact Form 7 – Just another contact form plugin. Simple but flexible.
  • Sideblog WordPress Plugin – A simple aside plugin.
  • Flexible Upload – Resize picture at upload and make thumbnail creation configurable, optionally include a watermark to your uploaded images.
  • wp-dTree 3.1 – Turns your sidebar into a very convenient, “dynamic” navigation tree. Supports scriptaculous effects.
  • Flexible Upload – Resize picture at upload and make thumbnail creation configurable, optionally include a watermark to your uploaded images.
  • DMSGuestbook – DMSGuestbook is an easy configurable guestbook with a lot of features.
  • FeedStats – Simple statistictool for feeds.
  • Post Avatar – Choose an avatar from a pre-defined list to include in a post.
  • Quote Rotator – Creates widget for adding quotes (or other content) on the sidebar. Content will rotate through. Adds section under Manage tab to create and edit…
  • New Tag Cloud – A small plugin to add a tag cloud widget
  • obsocialbookmarker – Add social book mark icons and links at the bottom of each post: bookmarks options includes, reddit, slashdot it, digg, facebook…
  • Subscribe2 – Sends a list of subscribers an email notification when new posts are published to your blog
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  • Eric Maugendre

    Hello Adam,
    Thank you for this impressive and useful list.
    By installing plugins (or tickering with code) the risk is for bloggers to lose stability in their blog.
    The problem with SEO plugins (and some social plugins too) is that they burden the page load and might ask to change a WordPress file or two. WordPress comes with no “keywords” meta tag. This is just as good since they are pratically worthless (see proof in my links).
    I have a more robust solution: robots.txt. It is explained at my step-by-step guide to blog building.

  • sameh

    really usefull

  • The Tools Guy

    I still can’t get over the image at the top of the page… his pants are down.. lolgood thing you put the cartoon talk bubble there.

  • zeta-studio

    Thank you.