Great News for WordPress K2 Theme Users – K2 Release Candidate 1 is Out

Wow. I’m impressed and congratulations! I am a big K2 fan and their support in their forums are amazing. As is their plugin compatibility, since I’ve only had an issue with 1 plugin since using K2 and it turned out it was the plugins fault anyway.

K2 RC1 is WordPress 2.3 ready. Just in time for the big upgrade. So here it is, straight from their mouths:

Alright, this is the one we’ve been swinging for since we started all those years ago. This is the road to 1.0, or K2.0 as it were. This is the first release candidate, and we’re very proud of it.

We’ve been throwing in some serious hours over the last couple of weeks to make sure we were ready for WordPress 2.3, which is on track for release a few days from now, and which, due to fundamental changes, breaks v0.9.6. So if you’re planning on grabbing WordPress 2.3 as soon as it hits the shelves, you’ll want to upgrade to RC1 as soon as possible.

A word of caution however: Because so many things have been upgraded since v0.9.6, a lot of the code hasn’t actually seen as much usage as the v0.9.6 code, and thus you should hold off until RC2 with upgrading if you like your stability over your ‘bling’.

So, what’s new? Well, to be honest there’s just too much to list. The most obvious stuff will be… well, obvious, and the rest should just make everything a little bit better. In other words, you’re better off just take her up for a trial run.

And as usual, please file an issue for any problems you run into, and we’ll look into it as soon as possible. And if you see Steve or Ben around, let them know they did a hell of a job over the last couple of weeks.

PS: For safety purposes, v0.9.6 is still available.

K2 Release Candidate 1 (via GetK2 Blog)

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