MTA Releases Subway Status Facebook App

MTA (supposedly the MTA that is) has released a Facebook Application called “Subway Status”  . So far, it seems that all is running well with the 6 Subway line, but since I marked that as “My Subway Line” is this the only updates I’ll receive?

Lexington Avenue Local

is still making those horrible screeching noises when entering and leaving union square.

Here’s a screenshot:

MTA Subway Status Facebook Application Screenshot

So, is the MTA relying on other people to update the “Subway Status” for them? Is the MTA really behind this Facebook App? Only time will tell… 

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  • Warren B.

    Only time will tell.. or only the right side of the home page of the app, which plainly shows the identity of the guy who made the app, will tell. How can it be be released by “supposedly the MTA” if the app never claimed to be from the MTA in the first place?