My Wubi Ubuntu Installation Failed

Will I try it again? Possibly… Does this turn me away from a new Ubuntu installation in the future? Possibly… Will I most likely install it again at some point, just in case? Of Course. As Sharon called this though, it was surely a “Dorky Disappointment”. Here are some excited Screen shots I took, then wait for the final death screen just as Ubuntu was loading… So close…

img117img115 img118 img117 img121 img122 Then the Flashing screen of Death…img124


A Flickering 3 column screen of colors, that I let go for at least 10 minutes… Did anybody else have this problem? I probably should’ve screen captured my error message (which I only got when I finally hit the power button, which brought me out of the “Screen of Death” back into the loading interface)… Something about a HP… Load error?


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