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I Smell Lawsuits – Cancerous Laser Printers

deathprinter.jpgBad news, office drones: that laser printer sitting in your cubicle might be doing some serious damage to your health. It turns out that one third of all laser printers emits tiny particles of toner that, when inhaled, have similar effects as second-hand smoke. Awesome!

The printers are more dangerous when they’re used a lot, especially for graphic and photo heavy prints that require a lot of toner. In an open office setting, tests revealed that particle levels in the air increased five-fold during the working day due to printer use. That’s such fun news, isn’t it? And here you were eating salads, jogging, and not smoking, and it’s going to be your laser printer that does you in. Life sure is hilarious sometimes. [BBC]

Great News: Laser Printers May Be as Harmful as Cigarettes

I have been Chosen – For a Vudu Box

I have been selected as a Beta Tester for the new Vudu Box. I don’t knowVudu Logo what confidentiality clauses there fully are yet, so I won’t say anything on here till I get approval, because this is too good to be ruined. As an avid movie lover, Netflix Subscriber, Blockbuster Neighbor I can’t wait, especially when it’s winter and I don’t have to ever leave my apartment. Wooo!

As per the website:

VUDU is a revolutionary new product that will transform the way you get and watch movies. VUDU is instantaneous?no more driving to the video store, no more relying on the mail, no more waiting for downloads. VUDU is thousands of movies delivered directly to your TV. VUDU is freedom?it doesn’t require a PC and is independent of your cable or satellite TV service.

Are you ready to VUDU? All you need is the VUDU box, a TV, a broadband Internet connection, and a love of movies. Then, sit back, relax, and enjoy the right movie, right now.

From New York Times Article:

“Vudu, if all goes as planned, hopes to turn America?s televisions into limitless multiplexes, providing instant gratification for moviebuffs…goodbye to laborious computer downloads, sticky-floored movietheaters and cable companies? much narrower video-on-demand offerings.”

FacePress – Facebook WordPress Plugin


Finally a plugin for WordPress (.org) installations for Facebook, called FacePress, there was already a Facebook plugin for WordPress (.com) accounts… Facepress, looks good and works. Sweet, time to disable the version.

Update: Facebook terms of service require that applications not have the word “face” in them. So “FacePress” is now “Wordbook”.

Digg’s Category Selection Sucks

Anytime I actually “Digg” something I never know which Category to post  it into. Honestly now, what are they thinking leaving out major pieces of each category… How am I supposed to place this post in the “Most Appropriate Topic”? What would you classify this post?

Here are my suggestions:

Under Technology: Where’s Google? Blog News? Software — how about Web Applications?

Videos: How about Personal Vlogs? International? Dance

Sports: what’s the difference between Extreme and Other Sports? Underwater Basket Weaving is definitely extreme!

First Digg Categories

And of course, if it’s not Space, Environment or Health, it obviously fits into General Sciences…

Entertainment could definitely use an “Industry News” button

Finally, Gaming, I love you Gaming!!!

Second Digg Categories

TableSetter – Restaurant Resume Management System Logo

IF, you are any of the following, check out and sign up for

  1. In the Restaurant Industry
  2. A Waiter
  3. A Bartender
  4. Interested in How Much Restaurants Pay
  5. Trying to find out which restaurant to work at
  6. Just curious to see what’s going on
  7. Just curious to see how much Restauarants are actually paying these days
  8. Looking for a job

This post is a shout-out to my friend who created, which as he claims and I can’t find any proof that he’s wrong, “The Restaurant Industry’s Ultimate Human Resource Network” and “first and only resume management system dedicated to the entire food service industry,”

As the first and only resume management system dedicated to the entire food service industry, allows our members to create a standardized resume to submit to any participating establishment on our system that you wish to work for. Your resume is only viewed by the managers you send it to.

No longer having to deal with unnecessary faxes, e-mails, or walk-in applications, we provide owners and management the resources to immediately find the right candidates for a vacancy based on position, experience, and availability.

It really can be that easy! So if you work in the industry and are looking for a new opportunity, or you are a owner/manager looking to cut your operating costs, reduce your turnover rates, find quality employees, and promote your operation,  sign up for a free account today.

Amazing News for a small start-up, directly from the creator himself:

NYP ArticleLast week a writer for the New York Post informed me that he wanted to do an article on my company. I figured it would be placed somewhere around page 36 next to the movie clock. Needless to say, when I opened up the first page of the Post (Page 3!!!) and saw a full page article on my site, I was blown away. After all, how often do you get yourself in the middle of a Lindsay Lohan drug story?


Best of Mashable’s Web Collections

Surprisingly only found in the “See Also” section of each post, there is no one place for their collections. I love most of them, they are definitely educational and have help me find some solutions. Basically below are the most recent posts that can be used as a reference to past article collections from Mashable.

Blogging Toolbox: 120+ Resources for Bloggers

Blogging Toolbox  logo

The Ultimate RSS Toolbox – 120+ RSS Resources

rss toolbox logo

50+ Tools For The WordPress Admin

wordpress tips logo

30+ Plugins for WordPress Comments

wordpress comments logo

30+ AJAX-Powered WordPress Plugins

wordpress tips  logo

30+ WordPress Plugins To Get More Blog Readers

wordpress tips

Web Design Toolbox: 50+ Tools for Web Design

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CMS Toolbox: 80+ Open Source Content Management Systems

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Make Money Online: 100+ Tools and Resources

making money online  logo

Q&A TOOLBOX: 30+ Tools For Questions and Advice

Question and Answer Toolbox  logo

ONLINE STORAGE: 80+ File Hosting and Sharing Sites


Web Development Toolbox: 120+ Web Development Resources

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ONLINE PRODUCTIVITY GOD: 400+ Resources To Make You Smarter, Faster & a Demon in the Sack

Online Productivity God Logo

ONLINE MEDIA GOD: 400+ Tools for Photographers, Videobloggers, Podcasters & Musicians

online media god logo

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Add to Facebook WordPress Plugin Available

Facebook LogoAdd to Facebook adds a link to the bottom of each post and page on your blog with the text “Share on Facebook”.

I plan to change the text to the logo “Share” from Facebook (if I can) once I install it today.

WordPress Plugin Releases for 7/30

WordPress Customization – My Plugins

Well, you can’t discuss a installation without mentioning Plugins. So, basically, to make it simple, here are the plugins I use, the hyperlinks get you to the downloads, you upload them (with folders if there are multiple files) into the wp-content/plugins directory of your blog. I’ve provided screenshots for applicable plugins.

Google Adsense widget = Pretty Self Explanatory, but it allows for a sidebar widget (and other places with configuration) for displaying your Google Adsense ads. 

All in One SEO Pack = enables certain modifications to your WordPress Blog to provide Search Engine Optimization. (enable Search Engines to better pick up your site)

AJAX Comments = this provides an easy and quick Comments interface in your comments section for your visitors.

Akismet = So far this “SPAM” catcher has caught everything that is SPAM (and trust me, it’s odd, but you receive SPAM comments on WordPress blogs.

Blogroll Page =  Easily create a new page that if you insert a snippet of code, it displays your Blogroll, as in

Enforce www. Preference =  Important Search Engine Optimization fact is that Google and other search engines will pickup and if you do not have this plugin enforced. This helps because duplicates are bad for Search Engine Optimization.

FeedBurner FeedSmith = Now that Google bought Feedburner (.com), Feedburner’s Pro features are now FREE. So, once again, Thank You Google! Feedburner FeedSmith alters your Wordpress feed to automatically switch to the Feedburner feed, in my case becomes Feedburner is awesome because you can customize your feed with extra social links, email this and you can monitor subscriptions, errors with your feed and even have your feed optimized. 

Google XML Sitemaps = Sitemaps are important for Search Engines to easily and speedily recognize your Blog and the pages it contains within. Keeping an up to date Sitemap with Google Webmaster Tools increases your visibility with Google.

Google Analyticator = Enter in your Google Analytics “unique code” to monitor your web site traffic. Google Analytics is by far the most comprehensive FREE web site tracking and statistics web site.

iWPhone = Simple Plugin that optimizes your blog for the IPhone. I tested this out recently and it works like a charm.

MyBlogLog Widget = MyBlogLog is a great community of Blog authors who share their favorite blogs and their communities around them. This sidebar widget displays Recent Readers from MyBlogLog.

MyBlogLog Widget WordPress Screenshot Notify Me = Although this created problems for me with Microsoft Live Writer, since it sends out e-mails of your posts to subscribers immediately after you post an item, I still use it because of the extremely clean interface and clear HTML e-mails it sends. You can also create an easy “Subscribe by E-mail” Sidebar widget…

Subscribe By Email WordPress Screenshot

Picasa Photos = I think the Picasa Photos look great compared to the Flickr Photos when they display on the sidebar.

Subscribe me = This plugin is a great sidebar widget to add to the top of your sidebar that adds a variety (which you can choose from) of “Subscribe to my feed” through…

Subscribe Me WordPress Screenshot Stats =  Note: You need a API Key (I luckily first used for my blog and now synchronize them), so I had this key (found in Options –> Users –> Your Profile). This plugin though, recently updated, allows you to view your Blog Statistics (most popular posts, visitors, referrals) on your Blog Stats menu.

Sociable = A great plugin with many options (you can choose which to use) of Social Bookmarking services to add to the bottom of posts in your pages, single posts or feeds. Mine are below…

Sociable WordPress Screenshot

Share This =  Similar to Sociable, but not as trustworthy I realized (has glitches in where the window opens in IE), provides Social Bookmarking in an easy pull down menu and a really simple “E-mail This” post, which is mainly why I use it (since you don’t have to leave the post area at anytime.

Share This WordPress Screenshot

wp-cache = Simple plugin that “Caches” your web site for optimal load times. 

WP Plugins Tracker = New Plugin that I love, checks all your plugins (activated or not) and determines if your version # is the same or outdated. Easily click the Plugin Name to go to the Plugin’s Web Site to download the updated version from there.

WordPress Mobile Edition =  Simple plugin that you upload also to the “Themes” directory that enables optimization for mobile phone viewing.

That’s it. Those are the plugins I installed, activated and use. Trust me, I’ve tried others, these, for the general purposes of a simple blog (no videos, pictures, directory, code explanations).

Hope you learned something and if you are a Beginner, be sure to check out the whole Technology Education Category.

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Setting up a WordPress Blog

Basically, is the Open Source (plugin-enabled) version. It’s relatively complicated for most users to install a WordPress installation in their Domain Name, so here are steps to make your life easier…

  1. Buy a Domain Name, I suggest using, since it was a hell of a lot easier to use their control panel compared to and
  2. Determine a web hosting solution that has a Fantasico Script Installer, which installs programs with 1 click, such as WordPress. Luckily, I use and they are always up to date with the latest version. $6.95 / month isn’t bad if you are not expecting thousands of visitors every day. I believe that the $6.95 is a 2 year commitment price and that $7.95 is a 1 year commitment price, FYI. Be sure to forward the Nameservers to whichever hosting service you use in order to enable the host to access your Domain. Note, does have a FREE Domain with the plan.                                 Bluehost WordPress

  3.  When you are done, go to your Fantastico De Luxe Bluehost Button button in your “Software/Services” section of your control panel…
  4. Hit “WordPress” under “Blogs”, hit “New Installation”. Note that if you are using the domain as the blog name, be sure to install in root directory, otherwise name the installation directory “blog”.
  5. Go to www.[yourdomainname].whatever/(and the directory if you chose one)/wp-admin and fill in your user information and start blogging.

starCustomization and Plugins education to follow.

Google Analytics System Maintenance

Apparently Google Analytics is “Currently Undergoing Maintenance”. Bastards! Just as I was entering in another domain to monitor.

Google Analytics Maintenance Screenshot