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Rising to the Top – of Yahoo! and Google

Adam Hirsch HappyWow, even I’m impressed with myself. About a month and a half ago, I set a goal. That goal was to move to the top of the ranks in the Yahoo! and Google Search Results. I was once there, back when the “age of the pages” mattered, since I had created my first web site about The Who on back in 1998. Now, I’m proud to say that as of this post, I am well into the Top 10 of Yahoo! search for Adam Hirsch and Google search for Adam Hirsch.


Flashback: Internet – Ministry of Tech – The Best of Tech

This video is 6 minutes long, but it’s totally a captivating watch. Basically, “Just try and remember, if you can, what you were doing around this time. This clip, courtesy of CBC, is a report from 1993 about the Internet and what it is. It?s interesting to watch this realizing what we know now and how far we have come in developing this massive”. What was I doing at the time? Probably amazed that I called my best friend and could type back and forth live… One year later, AOL and Prodigy led to IM, Chat Rooms, Web Sites and porn. 

Flashback: Internet – Ministry of Tech – The Best of Tech

Overheard that somebody overheard me

Old woman: You should really go to the men’s homeless shelter.
Hobo: I’m a woman.–25th & 3rd

Young girl #1: The guy hasn’t called me in, like, a week…
Young girl #2: His loss.
Young girl #1: But I didn’t even get to hook up with him!–86th & 2nd

Woman: He’s very successful. I’m sure he’s a millionaire by now, and he’s only 26. He never even graduated from college.
Queer: I’m soooooo jealous. I wish I didn’t have an education.–Mott & Houston

30-ish investment banker on cell: She had so much makeup on her face she looked like she had just blown 20 clowns.–44th & Park

Lady: Sir, this woman is very pregnant. Please give her your seat.
Fat man: Yeah, well, I’m very fat, and that’s basically the same thing.–4 train

How to snort Cocaine the Fruity Way

Froot Loops Cereal Straws

Powers of Ten – 2 New Videos

imageWell, not really 2 “new” videos, 1 I’ve seen before is The Simpsons Opening credits “Powers of Ten” version, the other, takes place not on a “Powers of Ten” blanket near the lake, this one is the “Powers of Ten” “International Version”, it’s got Korean (I think) subtitles too. Wooo! Also, this version has rings instead of squares for distance measures… Weird foreigners..

Please to Enjoy both the Simpsons and International Powers of Ten videos

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Hey, this is just an easy way to subscribe to my blog, so it emails you when I post. Wooo! Sounds like fun right?

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New York: Manhattan Dumpster Diving


 (Used Send To Feature from FeedDemon to Windows Live Writer for this… Sweet)

Last week’s Home & Garden section in the New York Times featured a story about freegans, a subset of environmentalist/anti-capitalists who buy as little as possible and consume food found in grocery store trash. This could be you! Or more likely, someone you know. It seems like everyone has that friend who offers you half-drunk bottles of dumpster rum and wears flip flops he found outside a college dorm. Sure, it’s admirable and economical (and illegal), but god it seems like a lot of work. We recommend just hitting up the farmers market if you don’t want to feed the capitalist machine. However, if you must jump on the hobo-chic bandwagon, we’ve scoured the ever so helpful Freegan website for the most bountiful dumpsters in Manhattan.

New York: Manhattan Dumpster Diving

Overheard New Yorkers are still Crazy

Babysitter: Ok guys, hold my hand.
Six-year-old boy: Holding hands is unnatural.
Babysitter: What? Where did you hear that?
Six-year-old boy: George Bush!
Man walking ahead: Wow, he really does get blamed for everything now.–1 train, 225th St

Street preacher: Oh, you poor ladies. You are on your way to Hell. Stop holding each other like that! Don’t you know that lesbianism is a sin?
Girl: Dude, that’s my mom!–Jay St

Hobo, after bumping into Asian lady suit: Damn! Bump into me and don’t even say sorry. That’s rude — just plain rude. Now I know why Godzilla attacked you guys. Just damn rude. Rude, rude, rude. Hey, watch out back there. Godzilla starts munching down on this subway and he’s for sure gon’ start right back there.–A train

Creepster #1: Jesus, all the people who come to the zoo smell like shit.
Creepster #2: Or maybe that’s just the zoo…–Central Park Zoo

Where are they now: Harlem Kindergarten Class

I love these “Where are they now” type stories. This one deals with a class of

23 kids in a Harlem Kindergarten class. Started in 1994 and 13 years later, where do you think these “kids” are? Good news is half of them are graduating, bad news… Well read the story of the “Young and Restless: Follow the 13-year Journey of 23 Harlem Kindergartners“. (picture “borrowed” from NY Daily News article)

Calculate Days (or time) between two Dates

Ummm, I always have this problem, what do you do, what don’t you do? Do you count the month you’re in? Before I babble on about not knowing what to do for 5 minutes, here’s the solution: